The Call of the Void

She was never really perfect; Her flaws were one too many But people loved her nonetheless Her blessings were aplenty. Her life had ups and downs But she was content with it all, She was happy and flying high But then came the dreadful fall. It started off as a little nudge A whisper from […]

A moment of Wonder

The sky was alight with the colors of fire And simultaneously; the hues of twilight, There were suns and moons at the same time, There was darkness, yet there was light. The Earth was smooth, yet uneven too. There were hills, meadows and burrows. There were wastelands and mountains and battlefields, There were gardens and […]

Everything is Nothing

Once upon a time lived a quirky young lady. She was wholeheartedly sweet and not the least bit shady. She was beautiful, oh yes, and most talented, of course! She knew a great many skills and by God, a great many more! She sang, she danced and played the flute, her hand held a brush […]

What makes a writer

Writers are creators They breathe life into oblivion Animate the inanimate And bring a whole new world to life. and none of their worlds are perfect. neither should any one be For the beauty of a story is that It has its flaws; its tragedies Its own little little ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ Every writer knows […]

Wasted Nights

It’s nearly 4am and I’m drunk and a little wasted. I should be home, sleeping, but I’m walking beside you instead. My hair’s in a mess but I’m still all dressed up; a bottle of Strawberry Hill in my hand, I figured; who needs a cup? For others, the party’s over but for me, this […]

Don’t let the good die young.

Bright eyes, happy face. Braided hair, a lively pace. School’s out and so is she, out the door before anyone can see. She’s the popular girl that everyone knows. She’s the pretty one that everybody follows. A teacher’s pet, A parent’s pride; she stands outside, looking for her ride. She steps on the road, she […]

Judgement Day

Oh, my dearest, how have you been? I’m not as well anymore, actually It’s more than just feeling green. Don’t fret, it isn’t that bad, you can still visit on Christmas. But till then, my love,  I’ll try to heal with the utmost quickness. I think of you everyday. Do you think of me? I […]

Mundane Flying

Cold. Oh, it’s so cold. Higher, higher up. Through the iridescent clouds with the morning light, the early golden sun. I look down, and see fabric everywhere; Engulfed in straps and buckles. Out the window, the watery blue of the dawn sky; A little more… Just a little more. As I walk to the open […]

When I fell from Heaven

When I fell from Heaven; I didn’t mind at all. I spread my wings wide open, and rather enjoyed the fall. I could feel the wind on my face; the thrill left me with no fear. I saw the sun set behind the clouds but the ground was coming near. I didn’t feel my wings […]

Final Breaths

Raindrops on roses and bloodstains on linens white lies and secrets that keep my scars hidden jumping off buildings like birds without wings I never realised that I’m slowly dying – Snow on the summit of a high mountainside. Piercings in my flesh with every turn of the tide. Shadowy ghosts that lurk in my […]